Peterlee Web Hosting

Refer back to these tutorials before contacting Technical Support. You can access your control panel by typing your website address followed by :8443 in the address bar i.e. 

*Some people report having difficulty using Googles Chrome browser/ If you do, try using firefox, edge or another browser.

Book mark your control panel & change your password - 3 mins

Setting up your email addresses - 5 mins 

Make your site secure - 4 mins

Start building your web site - 3 mins

Change the background picture - 3 mins 

Adding & deleting pages - 3 mins 

Adjusting the menus - 4 mins 

Adding links - 2 mins

Adding video to your site - 4 mins

Making your site responsive (mobile friendly) - 5 mins

Adding a contact form - 7 mins 

Publish your site - 3 mins

Would you like to earn a months hosting free?

If you recomend a friend who registers with Peterlee Web Hosting, you will be given a free month of hosting. Just ask them to quote your website as the referrer and one month will be credited to your account.

Making a blog - 13 mins