Peterlee Web Hosting


PWH showed me how to create a web site from scratch. I was directed to the tutorials and with no previous knowledge couldn't be happier with the result.

Ken Spencer

I had, and still have no idea about modern technology, so PWH designed and built my website and also keeps it maintained. I am more than happy with the service provided.

John Kitson

Gavin is a creative web designer, and has some truly intuitive ideas. He devises electronic marketing strategies that I had not even thought of, and is always pushing the boundaries. I would certainly recommend his work to anyone.

Pat Alexander

When I set up my HR Consultancy business, I used a personal email address for several weeks but quickly realised if I wanted to portray a professional image, I needed a business email address and a website.  Where to start, with absolutely no experience of tackling such a project and limited funds to do it!  Gavin at Peterlee-Web-Hosting was so helpful and gave me step by step guidance in easy to understand language!  Thanks, Gavin – you're a star!

Susan Fearon